My Journey to Become a Staff Software Engineer


  1. Try Things Out
  2. Teach What You Learn
  3. Read Documentation
  4. Get Good at Google
  5. Relentlessly Improve Efficiency
  6. Chase Your Passion
  7. Stay Humble
  8. Embrace your team’s norms
  9. Challenge the Status Quo

Try Things Out

Read Documentation

Get Good at Google

Teach What You Learn

Relentlessly Improve Efficiency

  • Learn keyboard shortcuts to reduce time wasted moving between your mouse and keyboard.
  • Prefer CLIs over GUIs. While GUIs are nicer to look at and use, CLIs are often more efficient. For example, with some configuration, I can manage my Git repositories far quicker via the command line than I can via VS Code’s built-in Git client.
  • Automate as much as you can. Setup a GitHub action to automatically update dependencies every other week, create lint rules to enforce coding standards, or create recurring reminders of common tasks. Anything you can do to reduce what you have to remember and do will improve your efficiency.
  • For macOS users, replace Spotlight with Raycast or Alfred which both provide more functionality and offer means of customizing with extensions or workflows to automate common tasks.

Chase Your Passion

Stay Humble

Embrace Your Team’s Norms

Challenge the Status Quo




Staff Software Engineer @Widen using TypeScript, React, and Playwright.

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Mark Skelton

Mark Skelton

Staff Software Engineer @Widen using TypeScript, React, and Playwright.

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